What was the purpose of the 2019 Women’s March Art Build?

A team of five DMV Women artists were assembled to work together in close collaboration with the women’s march national leadership to create visuals for a large scale mobilization to be seen across the world.

Feminist Muralists Kate Deciccio and Rose Jaffe spearheaded the team in liaison with the women’s march national team. I was happy to be included in this team as one of the featured artists! 

Artists were onsite everyday from January 7th - January 19th.
The Women’s March Art Build worked together to use art to call the greater base of The Women’s March to stand in solidarity with Women & Femmes by committing to their collective liberation through both policy and individual transformation of consciousness.

Art has been central to every major social movement in history. The Women’s March Art Build used their art to continue to speak up and speak out about the issues that matter most. Each artist selected was due to their critical consciousness, visionary approach to social justice, powerful creative practice and personal stake in the issues.

The Women’s March Art Team was critical to an intentional and impactful art production experience. The hope was that the team’s collective community will expand the impact of each artists individual efforts and the march as a whole.

Total artwork made:
8 people making art
3 on media
1 person on movement, chants and community engagement
27 banners
23 laser cut hands
10 sculptured heart cutouts
4 hand dyed capes
Hundreds of screen printed prints, patches and scarves