Autism is a concealed disability and autistic persons must have a voice in our community. Let’s listen to the Life, Joy and Light they have to share with us. Acceptance creates visibility, encourages equity and allows for an inclusive atmosphere.

The photo narrative is dedicated and created in tribute to the beauty of nuero-diversity displayed in my son’s life. Having taken over 30,000 photos over the course of five years and in spirit of autism acceptance month. This photo series is full of unscripted moments that capture Knox’s amazing soul and my hope is to visually break cycle of the unjust stigma of autism.

Thank you to Dian Holton for passing my name along to AIGA Task Force for this special project! Thank you to @aigadesign for appreciating the most magical thing in my life and letting me shine a light on what the beauty of nuerodiversity means to me as a mother, photographer, designer and educator.

Thank You to Carlos Estrada, Jacinda Walker and the AIGA Diversity & Inclusion Task Force for the encouragement and freedom to express diversity in this form!‬ ‪I know that Knox will take up the torch and use design to express his uniqueness and amazing ability to shine a light in the darkness!

Knox was so amazing during this photo shoot I was asked to do for @aigadesign Diversity & Inclusion Task Force Autism Acceptance Month Visual Tribute. For everyone who wants to continue to add labels to autistic bodies: Knox doesn’t have ‘special needs’ he has needs just like any other amazing 5 year old! He is dope and teaches me new things everyday: how to be a better mom, wife, person, artist, and educator. Being autistic shouldn’t eliminate him from the conversation of inclusiveness in art & design His Life, Joy, and Light must be allowed to shine everyday!

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