Autistic Joy
2 in x 1.31 in
Die cut stickers
$5.00 for a Pack of stickers (each pack containts two stickers!)


Recently I encountered a few people who tried to challenge the validity of Knox’s Autistic Joy. They questioned how his joy can be seen as a form of self advocacy, but I knew Knox’s Autistic self advocacy was exemplified through his joy as a true act of resistance.

Our family instills in Knox that every unique aspect of who he is beautiful. Using joy and creativity to create the framework setting our own tone for Autism Acceptance. There is heart and soul in the journey that breaks through the stigma of highlighting #AutisticJoy in Black & Brown lives. It is up to artists and designers to use our tools to further the narrative of Autism Acceptance and its visibility in the lives of people of color! The conversation must continue, the path must be set, making space for those who choose to honor the beauty and the soul of Autistic Joy.

I hope this sticker continues to amplify Autistic Joy in the lives of Autistic people!

I was recently asked how I came to understand and appreciate my son's expressions of Autistic Joy. Read more about my thoughts on Autistic Joy in the life of my 7 year old son here:  Thanks to Thinking Person’s Guide To Autism for asking me to contribute my thoughts!

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