#BLM & #BDLM Protest Images

#BlackLivesMatter & #BlackDisabledLivesMatter Protest

On June 6th 2020 I had the honor of joining and documenting Justice Shorter and Keri Gray through the NAMD Advocates organized disabled BIPOC and our allies to participate in the #BlackLivesMatter protest in front of the White House in Washington, DC. Many of us were high risk for COVID-19 but we safely protested and uplifted many Black Disabled and non-disabled lives lost to state sanctioned violence.  In addition to documenting our efforts that day I was able to donate over 150 riso posters to the protest that featured my Black Disabled Lives Matter symbol. 

According to the NAMD Advocates and thanks to a flood of collective efforts, the protest was able to accomplish the following: 

  • Organize around 100 people to protest at the White House.
  • Organize a remote team of around 40 people with efforts led by Conchita Hernandez.
  • Provide ASL interpreters, medics, lawyers, journalists, comms crew, water, snacks and other supplies.
  • Through the support of DC Area of Black Deaf Advocates, we were able to uplift the initials of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in American Sign Language. #SignHisName #SignHerName #SignTheirNames
  • Amplify the narratives of Black disabled folks who have been killed by our policing system.
  • Amplify the narrative that #BlackLivesMatter.

Enjoy the following photos below that I was able to shoot in Disability Solidarity and Crip Joy!

Black Disabled Lives Matter - Maryland Public Television Feature Voices of Baltimore: Black Disabled Lives Baltimore artist creates viral poster used in protests across several continents. PBS/MPT Digital Studios.