Coachella x Accessible Plus Merch Collab

If you were at Coachella 2023,  you may have seen a dope blue bandana I designed for my disabled community! It was an honor to be able to celebrate disability justice culture and design at Coachella! So thankful to GV Black and Goldenvoice’s Accessible+ Program, for letting me do my thing, holding space for Collective Care, Disabled Joy, and Community! We also sold out at the merch tent! So glad the design was well received!  Accessible Plus is a disabled-led space at Coachella that centers on amplifying the intersectionality of BIPOC people with disabilities - creating a path through hands-on experience to be a part of a new festival future.

About the bandana design:

My creative practice shines best when I can amplify both design justice and disability justice in my work. In a world that so often devalues Black-Disabled communities in cultural spaces, the intersection of art and culture must be synonymous with justice. This collaboration, and act of solidarity between myself and GV Black, Accessible + and Coachella, is paramount in showing the community that disabled people are the original creators of liberatory, inclusive, and accessible spaces.