Say Their Names

As part of the Decolonizing Dreams ADA 30 BIPOC Celebration, I created a series of posters to honor the names of black disabled lives lost to state violence.

The poster prints were intended to be wheatpasted in a accessible outdoor location in the DMV, but due to covid restraints the digital posters were shown and broadcasted via live stream On July 26, 2020 on IG live. 

The digital posters list 37 names of Black Disabled Lives lost to state violence. Each poster design was merged into one seamless video presentation. Each name was said and recited by my 7 year old Autistic son, Knox. 

Video can be viewed below and also behind the scene images of the physical poster prints and well as behind the scene images of the virtual exhixhibtion and the preparation for the live stream. 

Image description and video
Visual Graphics: white text on black background that list names of Black Disabled Lives. Names of Black Disabled Lives lost to State Violence, Narrated by 7 year old, Black Autistic Boy, Kevin “Knox” Johnson 3rd. (Son of Jen White-Johnson)

View Video Here: