HHP/BSU Photo Journalism Residency / Even The Score
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During the Fall 2019 Semester, under the direction and guidance of DFPA/VCDMA Prof. Jennifer White -Johnson and Visiting Artist: Adriana Monsalve of Homie House Press, ART 353 Photojournalism students were tasked with making Even The Score, vol. ii. The second edition of the Homie House Press newspaper; All content was edited, photographed, written, and curated by the students. The topic chosen by the students is centered on the 2020 Vote, highlighting student narratives, research and visuals on voter suppression, the LGBTQ communities, immigration, and environmental justice.

Even The Score Vol. 2 “Vote” was birthed from this amazing residency! Highlighting BIPOC student led narratives on voter suppression, immigration, environmental justice, and more. I want to especially highlight the beautiful work and way my queer students were able to navigate through the risky waters of bringing their personal narrates to life through this newspaper. Even The Score Vol 2. is a newspaper that serves as an action tool that can us educate about issues that matter and will inspire us and others to get the voting polls! Be a part of the photo journey by supporting and purchasing the newspaper HERE! 

(image descriptions: a collection of images that showcase the Even The Score Vol. 2 “Vote” Newspaper Design, inner spreads of the newspaper design are shown highlighting QTPOC Topics, like the DecrimNow movement,   parenting and the tokenizing of queer life during pride month. Student panels are also shown highlighting these topics)