Download this Free Black Disabled Lives Matter Poster Print in Solidarity! The high resolution file  will allow printing at any size! Its been shared and printed all over the world! Use it at protests! Hang it up in your community spaces! Project the digital file onto buildings! To read more about what inspired the symbol: 

In solidarity with my 7-year-old Black Autistic son
and in virtual protest with my Black disabled community,
I felt compelled to use my art to bring visibility to the
facts. More than half of Black/Brown bodies in the US
with disabilities will be arrested by the time they reach
their late 20s. We don’t see many positive stories or acts
of #AutisticJoy among Black/Brown bodies because they
don’t make headlines. ‘To Be Pro-Neurodiversity is to
be Anti-Racist’: this statement carries a lot of truth,
which directly influenced the need to create the graphic.

This symbol, created by disabled designer Jennifer
White-Johnson in 2020, combines a black fist—
representing protest and solidarity—with the
infinity symbol, which Autistic communities use to
depict the breadth of the autism spectrum as well
as the larger neurodiversity movement.

Click here to read: 
#BlackDisabledLivesMatter: Q&A with artist Jen White-Johnson
by Alice Wong for Break the Story Volume IV: Disability Visibility
September 9, 2020


Eye on Design OP-ED
How the Black Disabled Lives Matter Symbol Took on A Life of Its Own

Black disabled artists and designers are reminding folks that collective liberation can’t be created in a silo Words by Jennifer White-Johnson
Published on
November 11th, 2020

If sharing on social media please credit myself the artist and designer: Jen White-Johnson @jtknoxroxs
Please do no reprint this image on any item/appareal or product design to sell. 

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Image and poster description:
[graphic of the black power fist against a white background with the infinity symbol and the words “Black Disabled Lives Matter” written in bold white font placed down the wrist of the fist. Design by @jtknoxroxs]