For the past five years I’ve been documenting the life of my son Knox. Last year I launched a mini photo narrative and visual campaign entitled ‘Advocate Autistic Love’

The photo narrative is dedicated and created in tribute to the beauty of nuero-diversity displayed in my son’s life. Having taken over 30,000 photos over the course of five years and in spirit of autism acceptance month, I’m embarking and hoping to launch my first ever photo zine! This photo zine is full of unscripted moments that capture Knox’s amazing soul and my hope is to visually break cycle of the unjust stigma of autism. I’m also happy to include writings and reflections from my husband and myself!

This zine is by no means a clinical journal or a ‘how to guide’ when it comes to parenting an autistic child. It’s a simple artistic expression examining the light and love a child can bring if you sit, look, and listen! I’m currently looking for local printmakers to collaborate with for publishing ideas and soon will want to feature other parents voices and actually autistic voices to create & contribute to the zine as means to create a platform for those undeserved autistic POC communities! It’s important take back our own narratives and tell stories for us and by us!

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