Neurodiversity/Disability Solidarity Button Set

Yes!!! My Neurodiversity/Disability Solidarity Button Packs/Sets  are here and up in the shop! Self-Advocacy & Solidarity swag is here to stay! Enjoy this quick mini post day photoshoot of Knox and I rocking our new buttons!

These limited edition Buttons can only be purchased in a set!

For my fellow disablity community: Image Descriptions: Black/Afro-Latina Mom and Son modeling/wearing round button designs in various sizes. Son is wearing buttons pinned on a rainbow puffer jacket and mom is wearing buttons on a black leather jacket. The Following Buttons come in the set, but can be worn and rocked however you choose to wear or pin them!

Button 1 - Amplify Black Disabled Lives - 2.25” Round Button - White Bold Text Designed on Solid Black background that declares Amplify Black Disabled Lives

Button 2 - Black Disabled Lives Matter - 1.5” Round Button - Black Bold Text Designed on Solid Gold background that declares Black Disabled Lives Matter

Button 3 - Neurodiversity Solidarity Fist Symbol - 1.5” Round Button - Black Symbol on solid red background

Button 4 - Neurodiversity Solidarity Fist Symbol - 1.25” Round Button - Black Symbol on solid white background