The Autism spectrum can’t be defined as one thing because it’s many things to many people - it’s not a sickness to be cured but a beautiful identity that many Autistic people are proud to be. As a family we believe in the power of our differences and we love how art can be a part of how we express those differences! We’re excited to show you our Soul of Neurodiversity Art collaborative experiments just in time for Autism Acceptance/Awareness Month!

Knox’s silhouette in front of the phrase “Soul of Neurodiversity” shows the honesty and soul often left out of the narrative as it relates to the autism spectrum.

All proceeds go directly to art supplies like ink, paper, and digital software that allow us to continue to create projects like this! We also desire to host bonding art workshops for Autistic & Nuerodivergent families like us! We had the pleasure of screenprinting with Tiny Dog Press

Soul of Neurodiversity 
16’ x 20’ 
3 Color Screenprinted Poster 
Limited Run of 100 Prints