How can creative resistance art be
used in the context of language & activism?

Designing for a lasting, positive, real-world impact. Going beyond the classroom, and what is commonly expected in the curriculum. It is, and will continue to be, crucial for the next generation of designers and activists. In response to the 2016 election results, Bowie State University Graphic Design, Professor Jennifer White-Johnson wanted to challenge her students to change the social and artistic landscape through the power of art & design activism. Post election creative reactions were occurring all on college campuses nationwide and she wanted her students to be a part of it! How can the
HBCU art community effectively respond to the election results using art as a platform?

Using the art of peaceful protest, Bowie State University Art & Design students created OUR FUTURE IS US gathering in solidarity to promote unity, acceptance, love and anti-hate.


How can creative exploration promote unity, acceptance and social change?

As a community we need to stand stronger together and understand how our past will guide us into a more diverse and inclusive future.
– Angela Williams
Fashion Design, ‘17
Bowie State Univ.

I think that as an HBCU community, it is extremely important for us to stand together in making sure our voices are heard.
– Shayla Hackett
Graphic Design, ‘19
Bowie State Univ.

A big focal point in this design was exploring experimental typography and changing the social and artistic landscape through the power of words. As the tension in our country continued to elevate and as the students saw countless protests happening around the country (including protests and demonstration on college campuses) The intended goal for this project to create visual impact by using the power of type to peacefully demonstrate a response to the current election.
To see more of the visual project visit: